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"Working with India has resulted in me being more effective at my job. I have also developed the confidence to take a significant leadership role outside of my role function which has culminated in a seat at the table with JPMorgan’s CEO to work on an important firm-wide initiative.  India continues to coach me through the execution of this initiative to have maximum impact and exposure to advance to the next level of my career."

A.Davis-Cloyd, JPMorgan Chase

She helped me get a seat at the CEO table.

She demands strategic thinking and questions convention.

C. Williams, GSK

Working with India is extremely helpful, she has a talent for balancing her ability to listen with sharing her experience.  She challenges me but allows me the space to grow and strengthen my leadership styleHer direct approach encouraged me to let go of my self-limiting beliefs that were a part of my early-life conditioning. 

"India is a challenger. She has an innate ability to get to the heart of an issue quickly and pushes me to question convention. She demands strategic thinking and  is extremely well networked internationally which is very useful to me for the connectivity she provides.

D. Proctor, TVOne

She challenges me but allows me the space to grow.

She helped me double my salary.

C. Jenkins, Bank of America

I've had coaches before but none as effective as India. She was born to help people harness their power. One coaching point she shared with me 10 years ago helped double my salary in under 2 short years. India has walked the C-Suite path that I'm working toward. She is warm and humorous but has the precision of a sharp shooter and is guiding me to position myself for transformational change in my career.

Corporate clients include:

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