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Our expertly curated business delegations provide the opportunity for senior executives to build international profile, establish an international network of adjacent multi-sector executives (through our curated business summits and meetings) and provides a platform for international speaking opportunities and attendance at money can't buy events. Each delegate receives an individualized itinerary based upon their requirements. We have a dedicated press arm that focuses on building press engagement for our delegates. On previous delegations we've worked with international tv media, national print titles and breakfast news shows. 


Our all access delegations are a spring board to business connectivity and board introductions. Need access to a market? We have it. Click the links above for sample itineraries. There are a maximum of ten delegates per session. Corporate executives and established founders are welcome. 

New York
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Day 1:   Private Dinner Hosted By Jude Kelly, CBE - Founder, Women of The World

Day 2:   Private Reception at Clarence House, the home of the Duke and Duchess of                        Cornwall.


              Women of Power: Delegate Speaking Engagement (sponsored by JPMorgan                      Chase).

Day 3:   Press and multi-sector curated business meetings. 

Day 4:   Delegation speaking engagements: Women of The World Festival, Southbank

              Centre. Royal Festival Hall Main Stage.

              Closing Dinner: Leading Lights Dinner, The UK's most senior business women.                    Sponsored By Coutts, the oldest private bank in the UK

SAMPLE ITINERARY Based upon 2018


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NY &



Day 1:   Opening Reception and Dinner - New York

Day 2:   Business Summit with National Leaders/Press Calls with delegation

              Private Dinner hosted by Corporate Sponsor

Day 3  Morning: NY Individual Meetings Afternoon: Travel to DC

Day 4:   Delegation speaking engagements

              Dinner: DC Government & Business Leaders

Day 5:    Curated Individual Meetings

Day 6:    Optional sightseeing.


Day 1  Private Dinner Hosted By Dr. Maki & Tukwini Mandela

Day 2:   The Centenary Business Summit 


              Private reception at the home of the US Consul General to South Africa hosted                  by Charge des Affaires, Jessye Lapenn and the CEO of OPIC, Ray Washburne

Day 3:   The Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture Series featuring Barack Obama.

              The Nelson Mandela Foundation Gala

Day 4:   Press & curated business meetings. 

Day 5:   Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy For Girls. Visit and presentation of gifts. 

              Closing Dinner: Power Dinner with South Africa's most respected business                          leaders at The Course (restaurant closed for the event).

Day 6   Breakfast with Robbie Brozin, Founder & Chairman of Nandos

               Private tour Constitution Hill.

based upon south africa 2018
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Day 1  Private Dinner Hosted By Business Leaders in HK

Day 2:   HK Business Summit - Curated press.


Day 3:   Individually curated business meetings.

              Exclusive dinner. 

Day 4:   Fly to Singapore - Dinner with Business Leaders in Singapore.

Day 5  Group breakfast w/special guest and speaking engagements and individually                      curated business meetings.

Day 6:    Retreat to Shangri-La Sentosa Island. 

Day 7:    Return from Sentosa Island and departures.


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HK &


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