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The Future of Leadership is Here

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We’re Here to Revolutionize the Way Leaders Lead

Traditional leadership competencies have evolved more since 2020 than in the previous 50 years. The ability to lead through ambiguity, navigate environmental uncertainty and address inclusion in meaningful ways has spawned the need for a new type of leader.


Modern leaders must demonstrate financial savvy and exceptional performance, but also demonstrate the ability to lead  and innovate through the complexity of dispersed staffing models, advanced cultural intelligence competency, and leading through sustained change. 

India Gary-Martin is the founder of Leadership For Execs and Relucent Learning. India is a 25 year veteran of financial services having held expatriate roles in the UK, Germany, Hong Kong and Tokyo.  She has held COO, CIO and CTO roles at some of the world's largest financial services institutions.


She is a public and private company board director and member of Forbes Coaches Council. She is a multi award winner in the disciplines of leadership, entrepreneurship and technology.  India is a DEI and Sustainability strategist and advocate who also lends her teaching and leadership expertise to institutions of higher learning.


Unleashing Potential  Uncompromising Excellence



Wondering what's next? Leadership can be lonely. Being in executive leadership roles often means managing the expectation that you to have all the answers. It doesn't leave you the space to test or explore the thoughts and ideas that catalyze next level leadership.
Our executive coaching and advisory practice specializes in supporting executive leaders to transform and evolve, quietly and privately but highly effectively in transformative ways.


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Our team of world class instructional designers and seasoned leadership facilitators build and deliver custom leadership development programming for emerging to seasoned leaders. We deliver online, hybrid and in-person programs counting some of the world's most recognizable brands as clients.

We are exceptional offsite facilitators with capability to manage the entirety of the planning and delivery life cycle including content, strategy, and logistics.



Scaling engagement and learning for organizations is challenging amidst budgetary constraints and reduction in DEI & sustainability staff. 

While the shape of DEI and ESG content is changing in organizations, the focus on inclusion, equity and belonging and sustainability must continue.

Our e-learning product, Relucent Learning offers a fully accredited mechanism for scalable engagement and learning through dynamic interactive modules that can be delivered to existing corporate LMS systems or that can be branded through hosted, dedicated, branded portals.

Through our in-house production and design team, we can also build custom modules to fulfill your requirements.


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A Unique Approach, Using Traditional Methods

Quite simply, we're experienced thought leaders with C-Suite and board level experience. We understand the constraints under which leaders operate and why changes in behavior and trajectory can be nuanced. We understand the importance of developing the individual and developing organizations at scale.

We are business leaders and educators who know that the intersection and mastery of leadership and cultural competency are the bedrock for modern leadership.

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